Recommendation: How to choose a down comforter?

Nature down comforter or feather one?

What are the best down comforter?

Comfort, warmth, lightness?

Down comforter: goose or duck? Goose

At maturity, the goose is superior to duck size; goose’s feather is usually swelling and warmer than duck’s. The filling goose down comforter is lower in weight per m² than the duck for an equivalent thermal comfort. Gooses down comforters are typically lighter for the same heat.

In terms of price, the goose is more expensive than duck. Its rarity, as there are fewer flocks of gooses than ducks (so it is a material whose cost rose and the supply of which often comes from abroad). That is the reason why there are alot of purchasers choose this material in down comforter reviews visit here.

In addition, the duck down comforter is guaranteed without bright plumage: the number of ducks being sufficient to food consumption, the collection is done by collecting feathers from slaughterhouses. Continue reading →

Walking shoes buying tips (Part 2)

Walking shoes

In the first part [Walking shoes buying tips (Part 1)], we have gone through 2 buying tips of walking shoes. Now, be ready to come to part 2.

3. Walk your shoes before you travel

Before you travel you should be aware that your walking really must catch up. Why? Because otherwise you may get blistered or other unpleasant consequences you’d rather not have to deal with a multi-day tour. So make sure you actually travel that you have your shoes equally worn and buy your shoes therefore on time. Wear them for instance already in the home or make it a couple of times a long or short walk along. By that you prevent that you are in the middle of nowhere in a national park in America or in a mountainous region in Asia on sore feet and can not go any further.

4. Buy the right hiking socks with your shoes

hiking socks

This may sound crazy, but things like good walking socks is not a luxury if you wear hiking boots during a trekking. Just like you have specific walking shoes, you also need to have hiking socks. The difference between ordinary socks and hiking socks? That lies among other things in the seams. Hiking socks with the seams are often flat so they do not irritate. Furthermore, there is considered a better fit, the use of certain yarn and a different thickness at different places in the substance used to prevent blisters.

5. Be prepared for blisters

Be prepared for blisters

Take blisters patches with you when you first really going to make a long journey on your walking shoes. It is highly recommended. Even if you think you do not get them, you’ll just see that such absurdity bulges on your foot and then you will be glad you have brought this patch with you on the trip.

Above tips are necessary for walking shoes buyers, especially novice walkers. Take those tips, go to store and make a good purchase.

What you need to know to buy good walking shoes

There are so more than ten brands make and sell those walking shoes. But when buying your shoes, you do not necessarily pay attention to the brand. However, each brand has its own “average” foot. Thus a standard has a somewhat wider shoes than the other. The point is that the shoe fits well with your foot and the shoe fits snugly. What to look for to fit your shoes?

During a long walk your feet swell up, so never buy too small shoes, because you will experience pain during your walk. You might consider to fit shoes at the end of the day. Then your feet are already slightly thicker than in the morning when you first awaken. Before trying on shoes with socks you might also do that while walking. You can purchase special hiking socks with little seams.

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Walking shoes buying tips (Part 1)

walking shoes buying tips

Hiking shoes can be more than handy while traveling. For example if you create a multi-day trek of much walks with your backpack while traveling from one place to another. On many outdoor shoes, however, depends a nice price tag and therefore it is not a purchase that you can make fast. For that reason, we have tips that can help you buy good walking shoes and in addition you will also find some good shoe brands that are known for their qualified walking shoes.

How to pick the right hiking boots?

We assume that you have your own walking shoe, but there are also some other things you should look out for if you want to buy the right shoes. So it is advisable to think in advance what kind of trips you plan to do with your shoes. In a mountainous area, you need other outdoor shoes in a less harsh environment. For example, smooth surfaces you need more grip and your shoe should be made also for this. Continue reading →

Which walking shoes suit you? The A/B/C/D of hiking and walking shoes

There is an alphabet of categories but which walking shoes should I have?

You’re looking for walking shoes but you are bombarded with categories A, B, C and D or worse: Category A, A / B, B, B / C, C, C / D and D. You can see the trees for the forest anymore. What do these letters stand for? In this article, I will try to explain what walking shoe you need for what purpose.

Actually it is very simple. The higher up in the alphabet, the heavier and stiffer the walking shoe is. But what does this mean for your choice? Following those informations below to get you a perfect walking shoe which meets your needs.

Walking shoes in category A

Which walking shoes suit you

Walking shoes in this category are generally low to mid high shoes. The shoes that you encounter in this category are often lightweight and have a flexible sole. Shoes in this category are recommended as best walking shoes for women click here.

Walking shoes in category A are suitable for long-distance walks. In addition, the walking shoes in this category are ideal for walking beginners who mainly go for a long-distance walk. Due to the flexible sole, and the lightweight, this shoe has a comfortable fit and gives them adequate cushioning.

In many collections you can find a lot of choice in this category. Usually, you can find shoes, among other well-known brands as: Lowa, Meindl, Hanwag, La Sportiva, Salomon, Merrell and Timberland.

Suitable for: novice hikers who like to make long-distance walks.

Walking shoes or hiking boots in category B

The B category walking shoes may not actually be called like that anymore. This is the category of shoes in which the insole of the shaft piece are stiffer or firmer. The reason why is  it is often still  referred to as walking shoes which comes from the past. 10 years ago, because there was no category A, so they just went walking automatically in the B category. In this category you will also find the most popular mountain boot. The stiffer sole and shaft make sure that you have enough grip on any terrain.

Suitable for: Climbing, Category B shoes are suitable for light to medium hiking, both in the mountains. Are you looking for a pair of popular hiking or walking shoe? Then, the shoes are in the B-category of the right choice.

Climbing shoes in the B / C category

The boots in the B / C category are a little bit higher and stiffer than the walking shoe in the B category. The upper shaft with stiffer sole provides more stability you need during heavier mountain hikes with or without heavy backpack. These shoes feel like a solid foundation around your feet sprain which is practically impossible.

Suitable for: medium to heavy mountain hikers, hut trips, with or without a heavy pack. In many collection you can find a wide range B / C walking shoes among different brands: Meindl, Lowa, Hanwag, La Sportiva and Scarpa.

Walking shoes in the C category

Walking shoes in the C category

Category C shoes are for many people walk on the B / C category shoes but they are much more heavier which is enough to be hiking shoes. The shoes in this category are also referred as crampon friendly walking shoes, which are usually considered as best walking shoes for men. The sole is often reinforced with a plastic plate. This allows the soles of these shoes to be perfect for glacier tours. Continue reading →

Prepare yourself with 9 tips in buying hiking boots

Buying hiking shoes is very different than buying regular shoes. There are many more factors play a role in the purchase of a pair of hiking. It is envisaged that with a few great walking out the door. Hiking boots are not cheap, so good preparation is wise!

Buying hiking shoes is very different than buying regular shoes. There are many more factors play a role in the purchase of a pair of hiking. It is envisaged that with a few great walking out the door. Hiking boots are not cheap, so good preparation is wise!

1. Prepare

When buying hiking shoes and boots are all other aspects important than buying a regular shoe. So prepare in advance for good. Advance read all information it easier to choose the shop for walking shoes that fit you best.

2. What type of walking shoe are you looking for?

Walking shoes for convenience be divided into categories. From A to E, they are divided on the type of use. From light to heavy expedition shoe shoe.

Class A shoes – Walking or light hiking boots. These shoes usually have a shoe with a low sole is acquired and, for example, which is firmer than the sole of a running shoe. Also there is more tread on the soles. This makes them suitable for use on flat paved and unpaved paths.

Class B shoes – Middleweight boots. These shoes are widely used by hikers who like to make long trips on flat or hilly terrain. The shoes give more support than Class A walking shoes and also have a stiffer sole.

Class C shoes – Heavy boots. The class C boots are made of stiff leather with extra reinforced toe and sole. They are often waterproof and long life with good maintenance.

Class D and E – Alpine expedition and shoes. The boots in the D and E class are designed for heavy climbing in high alpine terrain. On these shoes you can not walk through them completely stiff sole, only climbing. Continue reading →